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Expand Your Knowledge Become Awards Aware

Why Become Awards Aware?


  • raise awareness of the breadth of non-formal learning youth awards provide for young people
  • highlight the benefits and impact of youth awards
  • champion non-formal learning achievements of young people
  • enhance the value of youth awards
  • encourage creation of more learning pathways for young people
  • encourage organisations and individuals to pledge their commitment to recognising and valuing the achievements of young people gained through youth awards

Awards Aware seeks to encourage:

schools and other educational establishments to recognise, support, promote and celebrate youth awards that, pursued within or outside a formal setting, help increase the range of pathways for young people to further their learning, skills development, attainment and achievement;

employers to recognise the skills youth awards can help develop in their future workforce; value youth awards in their recruitment practice; facilitate pursuit of youth awards as an element of workforce development for their young workers;

youth workers to develop a knowledge of the breadth of youth awards available; identify opportunities for young people to achieve awards from within and outside their organisations; promote the benefits of youth awards to young people; and encourage young people to pursue achievement of youth awards

parents to promote the fun, challenge, opportunities for achievement that youth awards can provide; to recognise youth awards as pathways to learning and skills development; to value youth awards as evidence of learning and achievement that can stand alongside formal qualifications

young people to recognise the immediate and future benefits that youth awards can bring to them; seek out youth awards that will assist them to realise their ambitions; demand recognition of their achievements

Accreditation Process

  • Register Today
  • Progress, self-paced, through online learning programme
  • Self-certify your understanding
  • Download logo, certificate and charter
  • Promote Awards Aware accreditation on your website, signs and stationery


  • Understand more about non-formal awards the young people who hold them
  • Recognise soft-skills such as leadership, teamwork, and enterprise
  • Engage a motivated and effective workforce
  • Recognise and develop potential in young people

Register today to start becoming Awards Aware and learning the distinctive difference of non-formal Awards.