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Awards Network Development Worker Appointed

The Awards Network is very pleased to welcome Jim Duffy, former Chief Executive of Scouts Scotland, to the new post of Awards Network Development Worker.  

Jim started in his post on Monday 28 November, attending the Scottish Governemnt focus group on INSIGHT held at the SCQFP offices in Glasgow.

The post will have a key focus in implementation of the Awards Network Marketing Strategy.

You can contact Jim on:
Tel 0131 554 2561
c/o Youth Scotland
Balfour House
19 Bonnington Grove

This post is funded by Education Scotland


Education Scotland publishes the Aspect Review - A review of youth awards in Scotland

The Awards Network welcomes the publication of the Education Scotland Aspect Review - A review of youth awards in Scotland

The Review makes specific recommendations for the Awards Network and identified key strengths including:

  • Since the establishment of the Awards Network in 2008, there has been a significant growth in participation and completion of youth awards. (Chart 1 highlights a 273% increase between 2009/10 and 2014/15 over a selection of awards.)
  • Young people gain a wide range of skills such as confidence, interpersonal, team working, leadership and employability through participation in youth awards.
  • Youth awards support young people in their learning and to progress to further and higher education, training and employment on leaving school.
  • For some young people facing additional challenges participation in youth awards is life changing.
  • Increased participation in youth awards is enabling more young people to take up leadership roles.
  • Young people participating in youth awards contribute significantly to local and wider communities through volunteering.
  • Effective partnerships are increasing participation and access to youth awards.
  • High numbers of volunteer leaders supported by staff deliver youth awards across Scotland.
  • As a result of good initial training and development opportunities staff and volunteers are confident to deliver awards.
  • The Awards Network and the Amazing Things publications have raised awareness and increased understanding of the range of youth awards, mainly with youth work managers and staff.


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